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"The Campion Quartet" (name of the group)

After the show.

An evening with Gilbert and Sullivan (and friends)

Featuring Jonathan Boardman


Place: The crypt of All Saints church, via Jesu e Maria (angolo via del Babuino), Roma
Date: Sunday 23rd September 2007 By invitation




  Pirates of Penzance Arthur Sullivan Sir William Schwenk Gilbert
    A policeman's lot
    Major General's song
  Trial by jury
    The love-sick boy
    A nice dilemma
  The long day closes Arthur Sullivan Henry Fothergill Chorley
  Echoes Arthur Sullivan Thomas Moore
  HMS Pianfore Arthur Sullivan Sir William Schwenk Gilbert
    I am the captain of the Pinafore
  The Mikado
    Three little maids
  Yeomen of the guard
    When a wooer goes a wooing
    Strange adventure
    In enterprise of martial kind
    Sparkling eyes
    Buon giorno, signorine


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