The Campion Quartet comprises:

  • Helen Raiswell (Soprano - centre-right above)
  • Sarah Hilditch (Alto)
  • Chris Phillips (Tenor - on the right above)
  • Andrew Cochlin (Bass and Musical Director)

People always ask us why "Campion", and the answer takes us back to a pizzeria in Rome's historic centre, one Sunday in July 1997. Four members of the Rome-based choir 'The New Chamber Singers' (Andrew Cochlin, Chris Phillips, Marjorie Corner and Philippa Millward) had just sung for the first time as a quartet. We had sung the morning service at Rome's Anglican church 'All Saints', in via del Babuino. We were lunching to celebrate the birth of the quartet. But what was it to be called? We tried various ideas, without success, until someone suggested making an acronym from our initials. As none of our surnames started with vowels, we chose first names, and the only euphonious name that can be constructed from A, C, M and P was "camp", and the "Camp Quartet" might give people the wrong idea! Then we remembered that we had, that morning, sung an anthem by Thomas Campion. We had a name.

Since those days, Philippa and Marjorie have gone to live in England, Helen replacing Philippa in 2001, and Sarah Platt replacing Marjorie in 2003. In 2009 Sarah also went back to England and our current Sarah took her place.

We try to give the quartet as wide a repertoire as possible. We all love music of all types, and enjoy singing the theme from a children's cartoon just as much as a Latin mass.

We also try to sing as wide a variety of events as possible:

We regularly sing:

  • Holy Communion and Choral Evensong at All Saints Church, via del Babuino
  • Various ecumenical events, hosted at various churches including San Paolo Fuori le Mura and Santa Maria Sopra Minerva
  • Mass at the Messa degli Artisti
  • The British Embassy Christmas party
  • Christmas carols at Babington's Tea Rooms, Piazza di Spagna
  • Concerts in Rome, mostly at All Saints
  • Concerts in Sacrofano, just outside Rome
  • The Nine Lessons and Carols Christmas service at All Saints
  • Weddings

We have also sung:

  • Anglican Choral Evensong at the Catholic basilica of St. Paul's Outside The Walls, Rome, which was broadcast worldwide on the Vatican's Telepace TV channel
  • On tour in Provence, France, singing concerts and masses
  • Educational concerts at Santa Maria in Montesanto
  • Christmas carol concerts at the British Council
  • British Embassy receptions
  • For BBC radio 2's Sunday program of religious music from around the Anglican world
  • Various concerts in Rome and the Lazio and Umbrian countryside
  • In private homes, turning a dinner party into a very special occasion